Climate behaviour – the climate project

…connects and integrates companies, press, science and information and prepares the prerequisite for moreconsciousness looking at energy, moving/locomotion and feeding.

...collects intelligent products, which protect climate and makes them accessible to everybody link and logo

...daily press sighting and frequent networking

Independent of the discussion about the specific reasons of global warming, this homepage gives people help and recommendation for their own climate behaviour. According to preventive measures, it seems to be advisable to follow the symptoms of global warming, as waiting for consistent scientifical proof. Nevertheless this project is lifting up the claim for professional contributions and it works interdisciplinary.

Practically, climate behaviour is orientating on human behaviour in the following main areas: consumption, locomotion, energy and diet.

This homepage “climate behaviour” is following the basic ideas of the world wide web. That means, it enables the participation of interested people in lay- out and further development. Similar to linux operating system or wikipedia encyclopedia leading contributions are expressly welcome. Please contact:

In the native country region Reutlingen, the plan is to build up a company-community, which makes alternative climate behaviour possible. For this, the most important fields have to be occupied. In harmony with current and always up-to-date information and with the help of scientifical support, the communication of “climate behaviour” should be promoted and the actual improvements should be controlled.